Welcome to the H5P Interactive Content Tool

Important Notice

Due to issues with embedded objects I have switched off the connection with Deakin SSO (Single Sign On). Please click Request new password. When Deakin SSO is working and switched back on, you will automatically be signed in as per usual


Deakin's H5P site provides an easy way to create small interactive learning objects to stimulate and engage your student's learning in CloudDeakin. Insert these learning object within existing HTML content to make more interactive and engaging resources. The objects can provide immediate feedback to your students and are best used as formative assessment, however, the learning objects can be linked to your gradebook for assessment purposes.

Creating a new account

Please use your Deakin username and Deakin email address so we can easily verify you as a Deakin staff member. The password does not need to be the same as your Deakin Computer Account password.

Examples and Downloads

Nearly 30 interactive objects are available to create. You can visit the H5P.org website to see examples and downloads.

Linking H5P objects to the CloudDeakin Gradebook

When creating an object, select the "Send grades to CloudDeakin Gradebook" option. You would then, use Insert Stuff to select the object (currently only working on D2LDev). Once the first student has completed the activity, the grade item will be created.

The Faculty of Health are currently hosting H5P, but if we can convince central of the value of this tool, we are hoping that they will properly integrate this into the CloudDeakin suite. So, please play and promote the tool if you see its value.

Contact and Support

Dr Ian Story (Faculty of Health) on 9244 6030